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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 15:01

Bido Lito Podcast - Episode 6

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An audio representation of all that can be found within the pink pages of Bido Lito! The Liverpool music magazine.

Click {rokbox title=|Podcast :: Bido Lito Episode 6 | thumb=|images/stories/ipod-nano-blue-icon.jpg| size=|300 100|album=|Podcast|}http://northbynorthwest.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-06-23T08_20_08-07_00.mp3{/rokbox}to listen now. Or download below

Monday, 04 July 2011 09:29

RatholeRadio 55 – Jun 26th 2011

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Rathole RadioTime for the mix of great independent music and waffling I like to call Rathole Radio. In episode 55 I played a wide range of styles as usual and I even welcomed back the live acoustic song after a few weeks off. Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to send feedback.

Click {rokbox title=|Podcast :: RatholeRadio 55- Jun 26th 2011 | thumb=|images/stories/ipod-nano-blue-icon.jpg| size=|300 100|album=|Podcast|}http://traffic.libsyn.com/ratholeradio/RR055_26_06_11.mp3{/rokbox}to listen now. Or download below


This month's Liverpool Acoustic eXtra takes place on Friday 8th July 2011 at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street. The music is provided by a very special line-up, each hand-picked from the basket of talent that is the local acoustic scene.

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #48

The Kevin Critchley Outfit - C Song
Rachael Dunn - Ladybird
Matt Reekie - Down At The Docks
The Good Intentions - Gone So Long

Click {rokbox title=|Podcast :: Liverpool Acoustic EXTRA preview July 2011| thumb=|images/stories/ipod-nano-blue-icon.jpg| size=|300 100|album=|Podcast|}http://m.podshow.com/media/27193/episodes/287028/liverpoolacousticspotlight-287028-07-03-2011.mp3{/rokbox}to listen now. Or download below

Sunday, 26 June 2011 15:44

Rathole Radio 54 – June 12th 2011

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Rathole RadioIt’s time once again for Rathole Radio, and on this show I played all Creative Commons tracks. I also talked about my recent trip to see


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Friday, 24 June 2011 16:03

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #47

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Liverpool Acoustic This month's Liverpool Acoustic Live takes place on Friday 24th June 2011 at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street.
Download the show  for free (right-click to download)

1) David Gibb and the Pony Club - I'll Fall
2) Laura James - Bottled Dreams
3) Ian Dunn - Do or Die
Bonus track 4) Matt Swift - Wishing Man

This month at Liverpool Acoustic eXtra we have four fantastic artists for you to feast your eyes and ears on. On Friday 10th June at the View Two Gallery we have Gavin KaufmanKaty LiedThe Good Intentions and Tom George performing.

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Sunday, 05 June 2011 08:09

RatholeRadio 53 – 29th May 2011

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Rathole RadioIt’s time for another Rathole Radio and together with my usual eclectic mix of tunes I also have a fabulous guest. Fit & The Conniptions AKA Wayne Myers joins us live to talk about music, Linux, funny names and more. I had some technical problems getting him on the line but once I’d got some more coal in the furnace we were away. Enjoy!


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Thursday, 26 May 2011 08:21

RatholeRadio 52 – 15th May 2011

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Rathole RadioGuess who’s back? Back in the studio and back to a more regular show at last. This might be the most eclectic Rathole Radio ever. There’s a bit of everything in here, well it feels like it anyway. So put your feet up, get comfy, grab yourself a drink and dig in.


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Friday, 13 May 2011 13:28

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #44

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Welcome to the Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight for May's Liverpool Acoustic eXtra show.

This month’s Liverpool Acoustic Extra is on Friday 13th May at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street, and will feature sets from Nick Ellis (from the Maybes), Sense Of Freedom, John Holmes and The Southbound Attic Band.

Download the show  for free
(right-click to download)

Bido LitioThis poscast is episode Three from Bido Lito the Liverpool based music magazine.

Download the show  for free (right-click to download)

You can read the magazine and listen online below.

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