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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 09:46

Stuff done and stuff to do - knowledge is power

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This is a bit of a round up of what we have been doing and what we are planning on doing over the next 12 months. 

So over the last year we've been running almost weekly workshops for new businesses looking to set up their digital presence, across the North West, for our client Blue Orchid. Who admittedly take a lot of the pain out of orgainsing the training events when i just have to step in and deliver the content. But over the next 12 months, we'll be running our own workshops here in Liverpool aimed especially at new businesses and the voluntary sector. And we'll be bringing you more news on these soon. 

More websites!!! We are backed up with orders for new websites so we'll be working our designers harder than ever.

More knowledge sharing! You probably know that we are involved in delivering Ignite Liverpool - one of Liverpool's foremost knowledge sharing events, well we have more of those coming along, starting on the 8th January.

We're also involved, if you didn't already know, in Jelly Liverpool. Sponsored by Liverpool MI and Vision, Jelly opens up oppoortunities for freelancers who normally might work at home or in a solitary office to get together for the day and co-work. Yep co-work - working alongside someone that you might not even know. As one of the organisers it is great to be able to signpost people to others who work in a similar field or whose needs might match up. I'm always being asked about Wordpress developers and at Jelly there are alwasy loads of people I can point to and say "they can help you with that".    

We're also looking to create a new event to replace Social Media cafe Liverpool even though we loved the style and format of the event - I think to many people got the wrong end of the stick as it was aimed mainly at people who were already very tech savvy. But we'll see, we might squeeze another in somewhere this year.  

Knowledge should be shared as knowledge is power.

The next event we're investinig a bit of time in is going to be called something along the lines of "City Salons" with short talks from 3 to 4 people laying out their thoughts on a particular subject which is the theme of the night. Themes such as Health, Play, Business, Transport, Politics, Culture, Media and others.

Each speaker will be given five minutes to talk about their area of expertise. They sit then for a round table discussion which takes place with an interviewer. The most important element of this is the opportunity for questions to arise from the audience.  

The reason for wanting to do these "City Salons" is the feeling that once again certain information doesn't filter out to the right people or that those in power aren't being questioned about the work that they are doing or have done. A conversation with a friend about 12 months ago really brought my attention to the fact that our reasons for getting involved in events like Ignite, SMC etc is the belief that knowledge should be shared as knowledge is power.  

I shoud probably write more but with that kind of schedule I haven't got time right now.

That's about it folks - if you have any questions then drop us a line at the email below or at me @neilmorrin on Twitter or us @defnetmedia 



Friday, 21 November 2014 12:58

It would be a lie to say we hadn't been up to much

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You may tyhink of us as sitting back here not doing anything, but you woudl be wrong. We have been really busy building websites for other people and over the summer we have trained about 200 new business in how to build their own wordpresss sites.

Thursday, 20 November 2014 08:56

Drag Net - Liverpool's digital bloom

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I was asked a couple of months ago to write a round up of the digital sector for a local free magazine that I've written for before. Admittedly not the most popular magazine in the world but I still gave it a go especially as I hope it will attract some new blood into the sector.  

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 07:25

The promise

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The promise

The Promise, 19|07|14 – 9|11|14 Arnolfini, Bristol.

My second post of the day on Living cities consists of this piece from The Promise a show at the Arnolfini is Bristol. I stumbled into the show the other day and this piece from Warren and Mosley really amused me so thought I would repost here. 

The work maps data collected from informal groups, old city records etc, but in a very insightful and amusing manner. High crime areas mapped against old peoples homes, or now defunct proposed transport schemes against illegal burn out areas from road racers. 

The juxtaposition of one dataset with another is mapped out beautifully from map to map and forms an insightful view of us as we live in cities. Riotous areas exist within our cities, it is what we as humans do when we are deeply dissatisfied as a collective. 

After all we are not automatons and cities should be playful, multifunctional places. 


The show at the Arnolfini is good one for this piece alone so if you can go see. 

Reposted from our Tumblr blog.

Saturday, 15 March 2014 15:33

CloudMaker'ing my day

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cloudmaker at Fact

Yep sorry for the pun but i've just spent the past few hours at the CloudMaker show at Fact Liveprool. 

I should have spent spent some time interviewing people especially the artists that were there namely Ross Dalziel - who was happily celebrating his birthday today while explaining all about the project.  

But maybe I'll post more later to explain what all these photos mean.  




Wednesday, 05 March 2014 23:35

Bumping up my blogging

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So I have been blogging for years now and like many people I fall into and out of love with it depending on how I am feeling but I am normally in love with it but it doesn't always appear so because I am always posting in so many different places. 

It was only a couple of years ago when a friend a regular blogging and social media professional described my activity as prolific...... I would add maybe not focussed at times but yes I can be prolific at times.  Because I am always blogging or posting on one site or another it often looks like I am not posting here on the Defnet Media site and I suppose I don't as I have a more personal blog on my other blog over at defnetmedia.com/blog but I am going to slowly phase that out even though I love it dearly as it has my oldest posts on it - many just made from my phone. 

So I will be blogging here more often and I'll be dragging in some other content too and this will become more of a blog for Defnet Media rather than for me the editor (Neil Morrin).

Reposts - I will be posting some of my better and more popular pieces here from the many sites I post on but I will mark them as a repost just so it is made clear. 

I'll also be reorganising this site as I have ignored it at times so I will learn to love it once more. 

So expect more soon.

Friday, 25 October 2013 00:00

That’s all folks – with tenantspin mobile

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It was a delight to be asked to help tenantspin with their last live stream and their first in such a long time – when they made arts engagement projects they broke the mould after this one – I think it was less art and more Guerilla TV – over the years they had some shows, some of which are available on their Live Stream and over the years I tried to get them involved in as many projects as I possible could. I'm thinking here about when we got them over to the Arts Councils grand AGM where the participants met and interviewed the Council member of all the Arts Council's across the country. I did a bit of live reporting there also.

Meta's SpaceGlasses video shows the huge potential of augmented reality, bringing the computing scenarios of "Iron Man" to life. Get yours now at Spaceglasses.com

It didn't, I just needed a title I could buzz off. A quick proviso – this may turn into a rant and there is to much history for me to go into too much detail, so you'll just have to take what I say as read or exaggerated slightly as the case may be – but hopefully you'll get my point.

Last Night was the first Cultural Forum organised by Bido Lito Magazine – The forum had been called after a number of arts/clubs had been asked by the council to pay full whack rates rather than the 20% discretionary rates which they had received the year before – this situation had been handled badly by the council or their subcontractor and so some organisations were receiving demands for money which they just didn't have. The forum wasn't just called for these reasons but also because venues in the city have been hit with noise abatement orders making it difficult for them to operate

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 00:11

Walking maps – and there uses

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walking mapsHere is a little map of my wanderings across Liverpool, it actually shows me nipping to the shop and then doubling back before I get to my destination. But is a great way of showing a walking route between 2 points, say for display on your website. A foot route from the train station to an event for instance.

It's created using GPS Draw for Android. Download and play

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