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Friday, 20 September 2013 14:03

Call out for speakers at Ignite Liverpool

ignite_logo_smallIgnite Liveprool returns in November with an evening of elightening talks and networking that never fails to entertain.

Could you be a rock star for 5 Minutes

They are currently looking for speakers/presenters to take part in their 14th November event in what according to Seven Streets for Inventiveness, Ignite Liverpool is one of the Seven reasons why Liverpool is Brilliant so why don't you attend and take part.   


Monday, 16 September 2013 07:58

News from Open Labs at LJMU

openlabsDigital News from Open Labs for the Liverpool Digital Tech Community

If you work in the field of digital solutions for social care/assisted living issues or if you are a company or entrepreneur with a product you want others to know about or perhaps you're a Care Provider confused about what technology might offer but want to learn more in an informal environment, come along to the Social Care Demo Event hosted by Open Labs @ LJMU in Liverpool Science Park.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 14:53

Social Media for Women 2013

Logo-Header3Ten social media experts will be sharing their knowledge with a new generation of women entrepreneurs at a conference later this year.

Lancashire businesses DigiEnable and Jane's Social Media have teamed up to empower female businesses across the North West by setting up the county's first women-led social media conference.

'Social Media for Women 2013' conference takes place on November 26 at Preston's Gujarat Hindu Centre.

kinManaging profitability, cash flow and pricing to make your business grow!

One day workshop in Creative Finance is a one-day workshop specifically designed for creative enterprises.

This interactive workshop will help creative entrepreneurs manage profitability, cash flow and pricing as their business grows.

Sci Bar posterThey're back after a break over the summer with there event next week -  The Development of the Electric Discharge Lamp.

At September's SciBar, Charles Jackson will discuss arc and filament lamp development in the 19th century, leading to a more detailed coverage of sodium and mercury discharge lamp development between 1930 and 1980. He will conclude with the latest induction and LED lighting technologies.


thinking2013.120633ACME and the Kin network are running an event examining Independent Living Technology as Liverpool is seen a a leader within this field in the UK. The event will explore the range of software and hardware that promotes Health and Wellbeing and the opportunities it holds for Liverpool's creative and digital sector.

Chaired by a commissioner from Liverpool Council, Health, Wellbeing and New Technology invites you to join our panel in a discussion, about how Liverpool businesses can prosper by meeting the needs of this rapidly growing market (as well as the pitfalls along the way).

Thursday, 29 August 2013 08:58

Documentary making course at Toxteth TV

cameraIf your interested in learning how to make a Docmentary then this is for you brought to you by the WEA.

No previous experience necessary. A Hands-on course, looking at documentary styles, and working in a group to make a short documentary.

Course looks at the history and techniques of documentary - making as well as giving you the opportunity to work in a group to produce an original short.


Sunday, 28 December 2008 00:00


Here is our Manifesto - it was written a while back now but it still holds true

Open: Always use Open Source products and methods. Share them with users and promote their use.

Share: Use creative commons licenses, but always promote the right to ownership of ideas and creativity and the need for creative people to be compensated for their time and work.

Listen: Promote a responsible approach to web 2.0 by listening to those with something to say, acting upon it and assisting people in how to approach communication over the web.

Help others: Offer a platform for people to develop their skills and abilities, and always encourage mutual support within the community.

Challenge: Review commonly held notions in a genuinely informed and independent manner. Challenging them if needed. 

Play: Provide and promote the sense that all communication on the net can be conducted with accesibility and a sense of fun.

Do: Do what we can do well and strive to do better.

Collaborate: To use the internet as a means to an end and promote face to face communication when this is the more practical and fun option.

Encourage high level, non virtual interactions with requisite refreshment. – a chat over a cup of tea.

If your are interested in writing reviews or producing a podcast or getting involved in any other way then do contact us on the emails below as we would love to hear from you. Or if you have an idea for an exciting project and just want some technical help then let us know and we will see how we can help.

We also offer our services out - 

  • Digital Engagement Strategies - we help organisations work with their resources and create exciting and strategies that they can manage.
  • Podcasting - we can record and edit Podcasts for you, it's a great way of talking directly to your customers. Our reporters can interview staff, conference speakers or delegates for whatever purpose you desire.

  • Copywriting - we have over 15 years of experience of writing for and producing magazines in Liverpool

  • Education projects - working with young people or older people - we have the experience

  • Websites and blogging - we can help you set up your own website or blog - it's easy - Honest

  • Record and stream your events across the internet

  • Social media Workshops: from feeds to Facebook pages, from SEO to twitter we can show you how.


Neil Morrin - Marketing Email: neil ‘at' defnetmedia.com  Phone: 07940584482


Tuesday, 13 August 2013 16:35

Introduction to Laser Cutting

laser cutting

Who wouldn't like to learn how to use a laser cutter and build your own designs. Well now you can with this one day course at DoES Liverpool.


Starting from the basics of laser cutting and operating a hobby laser cutter, this course will take you through preparing designs for cutting or engraving to making your own items.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 12:59

Girls It's time to get your geek on.

Liverpool Girl Geeks Liverpool is about to launch it's very own Girl Geeks meet up and about time too many of you are shouting. Well don't shout about it - tell a friend and bring them along to this event on 16th August held at the Women's Organisation. 

If you're into Technology, Gaming, Digital Arts, Music Production or Media then this really is for you as there'll be a series of workshop's on Programming, Design/Animation & Digital all lead by industry experts. 

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