Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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The Great Barred

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A tour of British pubs - well at least north west ones Kirsty and Kevin spend an evening in the pub discussing the environs and virtues of each pub. A pod about drinking they say more like one about life.

Week after week they visit a different pub and bring along teh accassional family member. One week they visited the Waterloo in Runcorn made famous for it's use as The Archers pub from Two pints of larger and packet of Crisps, the BBC3 TV comedy set in Runcorn. Kirsty informs us that this pub is only the exterrior shot used in two pints, and the interior is modeled on a pub around the corner, but even so worth a visit. They says it has a good juke box and friendly punters offering them pirate DVD's for sale.

They've been to the Swan, FACT's pop quiz, the Mersey Ferry and many other great cultural institutions - it's a great podcast and draws you in to listen more.

My Rating: Five stars

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